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Dark Side of Jake Paul Ep 3-5

Family – Ep 3

Before Shane goes into this episode, he apologizes for for offending anyone thinking that he was making a horror movie based on a possible mental disability. He just wanted scary music, to increase the entertainment and had not quite thought it through. He also explained that he didn’t mean to sound insensitive or like he was trying to diagnose hime without even knowing.

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Dark Side of Jake Paul Ep1 & 2

Wow! It has been a WHILE hasn’t it!

I have been wanting hop back on here and do recaps for some time, but I haven’t ever had the right time – until now.

Ohhh Shane Dawson. I’ve been following him for the last couple years. In fact, he was my first real loyal Youtube commitment. When I found him, I didn’t know what Youtube was, or the community that prevailed. But to my defense, I also didn’t realize how important blogging was until this year. And I had been doing it for years.

For a long while, Shane had created his “conspiracy theories” vlogs that I followed every week I knew he’d create. Then he stopped them. Leh sigh. He touched on so many topics that were in the grid of conspiracies, and made them scary. Then he took another turn. Not just a regular turn, but one that would put him at the number one spot on Youtube trends.

Shane chose to interview the most controversial people EVER.

Ever heard of Tanacon?

Tana Mongeau. She is quite a character, but I won’t lie, she’s lovable. She is a very real personality. But I shall wait to post that blog.

Shane also did an interview with Jeffree Star…. he had so many assumptions for being a straight A-hole, but J was actually an AMAZING person. Jeffree works so hard, but you’d never know unless you watched Shane Dawson’s episodes.

That being said. Here we go with the recaps for Shane’s new episodes of “The Dark side of Jake Paul”:


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Pretty Wicked Moms Episode 7, Season 1


Another great episode if any of you missed it! Emily thought it would be a great idea to get all the mother’s together for an etiquette class she had found, and boy was it! I love ideas like that! Very creative! She got in touch with the mom’s and all agreed to meet.

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Below Deck, Episode 3, Season 1

The term “It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean” definitely took over this charter trip, and the pun is included!

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Princesses – Episode 7, Season 1

I have seriously been dreading this post, since last night. Between the live tweets, attack tweets, super-fan tweets, and show catastrophe, I may not be in the right state of mind to post this, but I will anyways. From the recent terms a couple of friends taught me, this episode was a huge “Shady Palm Tree”. Backstabbing, name calling, and accusations to say the least. With that being said, here we go!

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Pretty Wicked Mom’s -Episode 6, Season 1

Pretty-Wicked-Moms (1)

To start out, I should inform you that Pretty Wicked Mom’s obtained the “WorldWideTrend” title on Twitter, for the second week in a row! Congrats ladies!

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Below Deck – Season 1, Episode 2


Ok, first and foremost, let me get this out of the way. I understand that I am a fan of many shows, as of most of you, but to attack one another for having a different opinion on a situation or for a simple sincere question, is out of line and down right mean. If, for any reason, any of you feel the need to attack a person for not agreeing with you, or cuss someone out, please take a step back from your social device, and breathe before you respond or refrain from the situation. Nastiness to others is classless, distasteful, and you won’t gain anything out of it – on a social network, or off. This is an “Attack Free” Zone.

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The Princesses of Long Island – Another Bravo TV Fave!


If you haven’t had a chance to check out Bravo TV‘s, Season 1 of Princess, you’re 6 episodes of a loss later!

This show is simply about 6 beautiful women, in Long Island, family oriented, in their late 20’s early 30’s and still not married. But all have or are looking for, whom they feel, is the man of their dreams.

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